Suspension Mods


Thanks Don and David for your help on the install. 


  Sway Away Coil-overs in the front.  They look and work great, but I highly recommend using a corrosion preventative anti-seize on the threaded body.  My coil-overs are frozen solid and I don't know if they will ever adjust again. 





























  I used OME rear leafs and OME shocks in the rear.  After adding my shell and roof top tent, my suspension lift was not as high.  With the added 285/75R16 tires, I had to adjust my suspension again.  I installed some custom made spring pin relocation blocks that my friend Greg made for me.  This centered my larger tires in my wheel wells.  Under compression, the rear tires behaved really well.  I also added a 2" Add A Leaf from Skyjacker.  This gave me a a slightly positive rear end lift, but this levels out once the truck is fully loaded with camping gear. 




  Click on Spring Pin Relocation picture to download a drawing with dimensions. 
























   Diff drop. 


















Sway Bar disconnects..... I bought these off of a TTORA member.  Unfortunately they rattle like crazy.  I am going to have to remake them. 


After the install of my lift, I added Extended Stainless Steel Braded Brake lines.  These proved necessary for the added lift.