Tent Roof Rack Mods


  I added these Scooter wheels to my tent rack so that I can hoist the tent off of the roof and roll it like a wheelbarrow.  They worked really well, but I unfortunately can no longer store the tent on end, because the wheels roll too easily.  My next step is to add forks to the rack so I can stand it in end and lean it against my garage wall without it rolling away. 















Another view of the wheels. 















Here you can see the roof profile with the tent removed.  With the tent removed, my gas mileage improved by slightly over 3 MPG!














Here you can see the lifting harness attached to the tent. 













Here you can see the Yakima Boat loader bars I added.  I use these to hang towels, laundry, lanterns, and wet shoes on to dry.  I am not using them as they were designed, but for camping, they have proved to be very nice to have.