Step by step install of my Technitop Roof Top Tent: 


I have a mixed opinion of the vendor I bought the tent from.  Read about it here. 

I would like to thank MaryJo for her help welding, Greg for his machining guidance, Daniel for the custom drill bushing, Jarden for the framing construction, and Sam for his help with the install.  I would also like to thank the many people that gave me ideas and assistance. 

This was a minimalist approach.  Minimal weight, complexity, cost......  I think I have here a good foundation to add all of my bells and whistles without adding much more weight. 



Machined aluminum parts to be used for bracing shell roof from the  inside of the shell.  Had help from my favorite welder.....welded aluminum together.  Used wooden stilts to hold frame against the roof of the shell.  Cut wooden spacers to support the roof (compound angles...sloping roof....not that easy).  Installed spacers. 















Taped Roof of shell.














Used Custom bushing to ensure that drilled hole is aligned to holes in aluminum. 















Installed Yakima Roof Rack















Installed U-bolts into Aluminum tubes. 

Installing Aluminum Cross-bars to the tent. 







Installed Tent onto Truck with Yakima system. 

Cut Ladder to size. 






























  Here we added Aluminum Supports to reinforce the roof frame. 

  The framing will also be used to add structure to the deck system. 

















  Here you can see the framing and custom wood spacers that reinforce the roof. 



















  In Use under high winds














  The tent worked well in freezing weather. 

Finding level ground on a mountain can be a challenge some times. 










Build Deck system

Evaluate forward air dam to improve aerodynamics

Add tracks for awning

Add LED light to the inside of tent

Add 12v power outlet inside tent

Add overhang LED light for changing area