3D Model of My Truck Under Design

Below you will find the 3D  design of future Exterior Modifications.   

You can Rotate, Zoom, Pan.....

Right click access the following menus:  (or, left mouse button, click and move rotates part;  Scroll wheel zooms)

(Warning, you will need a good graphics card and may need to download the plug-in to allow this to work in Internet Explorer) 


Viewer Control
The main web page on this site contains an eDrawings graphics control from SolidWorks Corporation. This ActiveX control provides the following options after you right-click in the graphics area with a model or drawing file open:
  • Show All (assemblies only) - Displays all items that were previously hidden. (See "When items are selected..." below)
  • Select - When checked, allows you to select items, for example, to hide an item.
  • View - Displays the following menu items:
    • Overview Window (drawings only) - Shows the entire drawing sheet.
    • Zoom, Rotate, and Pan tools.
    • Home - Returns the model or drawing to its original state.
    • 3D Pointer (drawings only) - Easily identify and match geometry in multiple views by turning on the 3D pointer.
    • Shaded - Turns shading on or off.
  • Animate Views - Automatically demonstrate how drawing views relate to each other by "animating" all views contained in your model. Click Previous or Next to animate view by view, or click Continuous Play to animate automatically through all views.
  • Print - Prints the current file.
  • Sheets - Allows you to open different sheets in multi-sheet drawing files.

When items are selected using the 'Select' menu item described above, then the following options are displayed after you right-click on a model item in an assembly model:
  • Hide - Hides the selected item. Redisplay it using the "Show All" option.
  • Make Transparent/Make Solid - Changes the display of the selected item to transparent or opaque.
  • Hide Others - Hides all items except the item which is selected.
  • Show All - Displays all the items which were previously hidden.
The eDrawings control on this web page has the following requirements:
  • Operating System - NT, Windows 9x, Windows 2000 or XP.
  • Browser - Internet Explorer
Here is a model of my truck in the camping configuration. 
Here is a model of my truck in the driving configuration. 
Here is a model of my bumper in the driving configuration. 
Here is a model of my bumper in the camping configuration. 
Here is a model of my future deck system. 



The following are examples of analysis performed on my designs. 

Here is a flow analysis showing Turbulence Intensity. 
Here is a flow analysis showing air Velocity.